Midwinter Day

In my unresisting picture, all love seen All said is dented love’s saluted image Bernadette Mayer, the beat poet, wrote these words in Midwinter Day–the book she wrote on the shortest day of the year while also the mother of

Tackling the Missing Scenes List

  Have you noticed how accomplishing one task brings a high, and then a lull? You actually did something and now what? Take a break or launch yourself into the next task before losing momentum? If I’m not mindful, I

Revision: Returning to Intentions for DIY Book Finishers

I’ve got a very messy rough draft of a novel, so now its time to assess what’s missing, with an eye on filling in the holes. In order to do this right, I return to my intentions for this novel,

Book Finish Bootcamp on Sunday: Rest & Retreat

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Growing up with a Judeo-Christian background, Sundays meant special breakfast, church, and no chores except for feeding the animals, of which there were many. Sunday evenings were spent watching Mutual of Omaha’s

Costume Creation Gone Crazy

Bigger is Not Always Better This week, as her freshman year of high school came to a close, our daughter scrambled to catch-up. An impromptu 10-day trip to Europe in March meant missed work (but worth it). Final projects included