Bootcamp Finale: Title Time

I’m back to the drawing board for a title, after my bootcamp wrap-up chat with Rhonda.I think you want something sexier, she said.Well, right…but I’m not sure I’m not going for sexy… Maybe I’m going for… more spiritual? I mean,

Book Finish Bootcamp on Sunday: Rest & Retreat

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Growing up with a Judeo-Christian background, Sundays meant special breakfast, church, and no chores except for feeding the animals, of which there were many. Sunday evenings were spent watching Mutual of Omaha’s

Health, Bootcamp, & DIY Everything

Is writing good for my health? I know it’s good for my mental health. And I’ve made it good for my spiritual health. But is it good for my physical health? It means spending a lot of solitary time being

DIY Writing Retreat + Bootcamp

At the end of Day 3 I’m asking myself Why?— Why am I doing this to myself- not allowing myself to do much of anything that doesn’t pertain to the novel? I do other things, of course, because life is

The Miracle of a DIY Writing Retreat & Bootcamp

This week I’m in Book Finish Bootcamp with Canadian writing coach and mentor, Rhonda Douglas. Back in 2019, which seems another world ago, my first freebie from Rhonda was a guide for a DIY Writer’s Retreat.  I’ve used it several