Can We Rewild Motherhood?

I’m reading an intriguing and beautifully written book by Shannon K. Evans who applies the concept of rewilding–returning land to its natural state in hopes of reclaiming its essence–to motherhood. “What if, instead of confining women to some narrow social

Costume Creation Gone Crazy

Bigger is Not Always Better This week, as her freshman year of high school came to a close, our daughter scrambled to catch-up. An impromptu 10-day trip to Europe in March meant missed work (but worth it). Final projects included

The Baby I had at 47 1/2

My youngest daughter is 12 today. I am 59 1/2 exactly. I know this because today is May 1, exactly 6 months until my next birthday, November 1, when I will turn 60. It still does not fail to amaze

Marking Milestones

Kids become adults, and we ask, “where has the time gone?” Today is the last day our middle daughter will ever be 17, a milestone in the making. Have you noticed how many songs there are about being 17? It’s