Pin the Scene on the Story

board where scene synopses are pinned

Today’s adventure in novel writing felt like the childhood game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. As soon as that thought landed, I felt transported to the land of fun. A moment  before, and most of the last day or two before that thought, I wasn’t so sure. I confuse myself with all the ideas I allow to run freely across the pages, both when I’m writing and reading. I like experimental methods and modes of creation.

Yesterday I printed the scene synopses in prim little boxes and cut them out. They represent what I’ve got so far in the modern part of my dual timeline novel. I’m not quite clear yet on how they weave together with the 19th century France part of the novel. Part of me wants to know exactly how this is going to work. Another part of me wants to believe it will all organically find its way. That is the part that must’ve won out and decided pin the scene on a section of story might work.

Another reason I have confidence: I just finished reading Gravity is the Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty. I’ve loved her sister’s novels (Liane Moriarty). But Gravity is just crazy enough to help me make the leap of believing that randomness might result in creative order. Hence, my latest gaming of the novel, low-tech as it is.Gravity is the Thing by J. Moriarty- novel

I do love playing with words and ideas. But will all these words and disparate scenes somehow write themselves into a cohesive whole, with some simple sorting, and possibly magical conjuring from me? We’ll see. This is the adventure.